Where Transparency and Efficiency Meet

Existing stable coins are either designed for efficiency, like Tether – a centralized solution – or for targeting a totally decentralized, transparent solution such as Dai. Situated on opposite ends of the spectrum, neither is capable of addressing the need for both transparency and efficiency. Here is how DaoCoin addresses transparency and efficiency at the same time.


A fund management system you can trust

DaoCoin does not handle funds directly. Instead, multiple trust companies around the world interact with DaoCoin on an API level to issue and redeem tokens.


Real time APIs to prove 1:1 parity

Trust companies use real time APIs for proof-of-funds while DaoCoin utilizes real time API for proof-of-token. Both of these values are displayed to our users in real time.


Third-party examinations

We value the importance of openness and transparency. A third-party auditing firm will conduct an examination on a monthly basis, giving our users total peace of mind.




Multiple nodes worldwide for AML and deposition of funds

To improve funds flow and legal compliance, DaoCoin has established a worldwide network of AML checkpoints and fund-depositing pipelines. Based on where the customer is located, DaoCoin can automatically switch between these nodes for the greatest efficiency.


Off-the-shelf widgets for issuances and redemptions

DaoCoin offer a set of streamlined, customizable ecommerce-style widgets for the issuance and redemption of your tokens. The widgets can be embeded into your webpages or apps in minutes.


Key benefits of issuing your own stable coin


Why risk your own customers using other less transparent stable coins when you can issue your own brand of stable coin? DaoCoin’s infrastructure ensures transparency, and efficiency.


For retail businesses, your customer can pay with your own brand of stable coin so as to increase customer loyalty and retention.


For multinational corporations, your global business partners can settle with your own brand of stable coin, significantly reducing forex and middlemen costs.


What is DaoCoin Power (DCP)?

In addition to being a leader in transparency and efficiency, DaoCoin will adopt an ERC-20 governance token, DaoCoin Power (DCP), to facilitate a community-governed issuance infrastructure. Owners of DCP enjoy voting rights, obtain gainsharing and are entitled to discounts on issuance and redemption fees. Total issuance amount of DCP is capped at 10 billion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is DaoCoin a stable coin?


NO, DaoCoin is NOT a stable coin.
DaoCoin is much more than a stable coin; it is an infrastructure in which it will be possible to build 100% collateralized, legally protected, and transparently audited Fiat-backed Cryptocurrency.

What is the relationship between USDD, RMBD, EURD and DAOCOIN?


USDD, RMBD, EURD are coins created using the DaoCoin. DaoCoin is currently in collaboration with multinational retail chains and international commodity traders to help them issue their own brands of stablecoin.

How can I get DCP?


DCP is soon available on various crypto exchanges, stay tuned.