Our innovative technical framework enables users and companies to transform any cryptocurrency wallet into a GCO verified account, seamlessly enabling the deposit and withdrawal of cash funds. We have launched our first product, USD Digital (USDD), on the 55 Asset Network.

55 is currently offering interest on USDD. Visit the 55 Asset Network to start using USDD

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GCO works with financial institutions, governments, and tech companies to tokenize and exchange world currencies through blockchain technology.

Fund Management

A global network of fund management nodes consisting of multiple third-party trust companies. GCO works with Prime Trust to secure USD deposits.

Easy Implementation

A set of streamlined, customizable ecommerce-style widgets facilitate easy deposit and withdrawal of customer funds.

Digital Fiat

Series of digital fiat tokens enable the fast conversion and exchange of world currencies.

Identity Verification

A blockchain-driven AML/KYC framework supported by global regulators and local operations verifies users identities.

Transparent Reporting

Cohen & Co conducts 3rd party attestations on a monthly basis, ensuring user funds are securely held on behalf of customers.

Convert any cryptocurrency wallet
into a GCO account.