About us

At DaoCoin, we have pioneered a revolutionary approach to stable coins, merging the best of both worlds—transparency and efficiency. Unlike existing stable coins that either prioritize efficiency like Tether, a centralized solution, or aim for total decentralization and transparency like Dai, DaoCoin strikes the perfect balance, addressing the critical need for both.

Fund Management You Can Trust

Unlike traditional platforms, DaoCoin doesn’t directly handle funds. Instead, we’ve partnered with trusted entities globally, engaging with them on an API level for token issuance and redemption. This ensures a secure and reliable fund management system that you can trust.

Real-Time APIs for Confidence

DaoCoin employs real-time APIs to demonstrate 1:1 parity. Trust companies leverage real-time APIs for proof-of-funds, while DaoCoin utilizes the same technology for proof-of-token. Users can monitor these values in real time, ensuring transparency and trust in the system.

Third-Party Examinations

Our commitment to transparency goes beyond mere promises. Monthly third-party audits are conducted by reputable auditing firms, providing users with complete peace of mind. DaoCoin is dedicated to openness and accountability in every aspect of our operations.

Off-the-Shelf Widgets for Streamlined Processes

Simplify the issuance and redemption of tokens with DaoCoin’s off-the-shelf widgets. These customizable ecommerce-style tools can be effortlessly embedded into your webpages or apps, saving you time and resources.

Key Benefits of Issuing Your Own Stable Coin

For Businesses of All Sizes
Why rely on less transparent stable coins when you can issue your own? DaoCoin’s infrastructure guarantees transparency and efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

For Retailers

Enhance customer loyalty and retention by allowing your customers to pay with your own brand of stable coin. DaoCoin empowers retail businesses to create a unique payment experience.