The Curious Case of NotCoin: Exploring a Telegram Cryptocurrency Game and its Meme Coin Identity


NotCoin has rapidly grown from a Telegram mini-app game to a phenomenon in the cryptocurrency world often discussed for its potential as both a meme coin and virtual in-game asset. The token emerged in 2022 as part of a game played within Telegram groups where users could collect NotCoins through gameplay. While not holding monetary value, its popularity has led to speculation that NotCoin could eventually become a cryptocurrency through minting or airdrops.

As a virtual meme coin tied to a viral Telegram game, NotCoin occupies a unique position between cryptocurrency and blockchain-based gaming. Its future remains uncertain, but the level of user enthusiasm and engagement with the NotCoin game has piqued the interest of investors and decentralized finance (DeFi) advocates alike.

Concept and Gameplay

The NotCoin game originated as a minigame within Telegram groups on the TON blockchain. Players can collect NotCoin tokens as a virtual asset by tapping a bot command in groups and channels with the game enabled. The more active the group’s chat is, the more NotCoins users can gain. This creates incentivization for users to engage more in the groups to earn more tokens.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, NotCoin does not run on a blockchain or have monetary value. The tokens exist only within the context of the Telegram game. Their purpose so far is to engage users and drive participation in Telegram groups through competitive gameplay mechanics. Players with the most NotCoin can top leaderboards displayed in the channels.

Popularity and User Engagement

Part of what makes NotCoin unique is the organic growth achieved largely through Telegram users sharing the game with their groups. By December 2022, NotCoin bots were actively running in over 1.2 million Telegram groups. Requests to enable the bot exceeded 5 million by January 2023.

The average weekly users collecting NotCoin exceeded 280,000 at the end of 2022. During the same period, 39% of weekly active Telegram users participated in earning NotCoin at least once. This demonstrates exceptional conversion rates and user retention compared to most web3 crypto games.

The NotCoin game attained virality through the social dynamics of Telegram itself. Groups compete to top the leaderboard for most NotCoin collected, driving participation through peer motivation. The existing social connections on Telegram enabled the game to achieve scale rapidly through word-of-mouth growth.

Cryptocurrency Status and Future Plans

Currently, no announcements exist from the TON Foundation or NotCoin team regarding plans to convert it into an official cryptocurrency. As a non-minted virtual token, NotCoins hold no monetary value outside the context of the Telegram game leaderboards.

However, cryptocurrencies like DogeCoin originated from online games and memes before transitioning through tipping culture into traded digital assets. The instant virality NotCoin achieved gives it similar potential to bridge game token status into a real meme coin.

Many speculate future scenarios in which NotCoin gets minted on a blockchain or distributed through an airdrop campaign as have previous viral game currencies. This could allow players to withdraw or trade NotCoin through decentralized exchanges.

Of course, such a transition would come with regulatory obstacles surrounding cryptocurrency classification. It likely depends on whether the TON Foundation or affiliated partners attempt launching NotCoin on a blockchain themselves or endorse community minting efforts.

Community and Developer Statements

The TON Foundation released statements warning that websites claiming to sell NotCoin tokens are fraudulent. As the token remains a game-only virtual asset, no official channels exist currently to purchase or exchange NotCoin. Purchasing any tokens on the open market claiming NotCoin affiliation effectively means buying fakes.

However, the Foundation acknowledges confusion stems from strong enthusiasm and user demand to give NotCoin real-world value. The viral success came unexpectedly even to its own developers. In the crypto gaming space, transitioning virtual tokens into cryptocurrencies is not unheard of but remains a complex process.

While cautious about encouraging speculation, the Foundation does not rule out the potential of allowing NotCoin withdrawals or tradeability in the future based on reviewing regulatory considerations.

Investor and Player Perspectives

For Telegram users playing the game, NotCoin offers entertainment value and engagement incentives more than potential investment upside. The token injects a spirit of competition and virality into messaging groups through the collection mechanics.

Some cryptocurrency analysts still monitor NotCoin closely as a potential rising meme coin despite its exclusively in-game status. Early cryptocurrencies like DogeCoin picked up momentum from online games and internet culture before transitioning to tradable tokens. NotCoin demonstrates similar ingredients of a viral online game currency that could make that leap.

For investors, uncertainty remains too high still to evaluate NotCoin as a serious asset. With no blockchain or exchange listing, holding NotCoins offers no exit strategy currently. Until conversion tools release allowing interblockchain transfers or exchange listings, its cryptocurrency standing stays non-existent in practice.

Of course, those regulatory barriers did not prevent early DogeCoin adopters from eventually making windfall profits. Hence interest persists from some crypto traders around capitalizing should NotCoin pull off a successful token conversion. However, most experts recommend waiting until minting or migration details emerge before considering investing.


In the strange intersection between games and cryptocurrencies, NotCoin continues holding user attention as an Asset with only virtual value. The engagement and participation levels achieved gives it legitimacy beyond a passing trend. Where it goes next depends on whether its developers embrace the momentum with a blockchain migration path. For now, Telegram groups fuel its growth by competing across game leaderboards. But that window may not hold forever before users grow restless for actual cryptocurrency adoption. Hence analysts watch closely for any signal that NotCoin may transcend its meme-coin perception into a real tokenized asset through a planned currency conversion.


What is NotCoin currently classified as?

NotCoin exists as a virtual in-game asset with no cryptocurrency standing or monetary value. The tokens have utility only within the context of the Telegram mini-app for gameplay and leaderboard ranking.

Can you exchange NotCoin for money?

No, there are currently no official methods or exchanges supporting exchanging NotCoin to fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. Some fraudulent websites may claim otherwise.

How do you earn NotCoin?

Users can collect NotCoin only through the Telegram mini-app game. By tapping a command and engaging actively in group chats where the game runs, you passively earn NotCoin added to your account balance.

Could NotCoin someday become a real cryptocurrency?

Potentially yes, through technical migrations that allow minting tokens on a blockchain, distributing airdrops, or listing on exchanges. This would give NotCoin tradeable value. But there are no guarantees such a transition receives endorsement.

Is NotCoin considered a non-fungible token (NFT)?

No, as NFTs exist on blockchains and NotCoin currently maintains no underlying blockchain or smart contracts. For that reason, it also cannot achieve decentralization as other cryptos have.

Should people invest in NotCoin right now?

No financial experts recommend direct investment until NotCoin stabilizes into an actively traded asset class. Currently its future moving to a real cryptocurrency remains only speculation without guaranteed timelines.

Who issues updates regarding NotCoin?

The TON Foundation, associated with Telegram’s TON blockchain, provides official announcements related to NotCoin. Unaffiliated websites may distribute unreliable information on the token and its status.


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