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The cryptocurrency market is characterized by extreme volatility. While this creates opportunities for massive gains, it also comes with considerable risks. Having access to secure and trusted trading platforms is essential for traders looking to navigate the crypto landscape. As emerging platforms like TokenTact gain traction, evaluating their offerings with an objective lens becomes important. This review aims to provide a detailed analysis of TokenTact to help traders make informed decisions.

Overview of TokenTact

TokenTact markets itself as an intelligent trading platform that combines automated trading bots with manual trading. According to its website, TokenTact enables traders to build, test, and automate custom crypto trading strategies through its cloud-based infrastructure. Users can purportedly backtest strategies across historical market data before deploying bots for live trading across exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

TokenTact was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Prague. The platform is focused on serving algorithmic traders with tools for systematic trading strategy creation, backtesting, optimization, and automation. TokenTact claims to use a user-friendly web interface and extensive documentation to make advanced trading accessible to both retail and institutional investors.

How TokenTact Bot Works

Getting started on TokenTact involves creating an account and connecting it to supported cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase Pro and Binance. Users can access an array of trading bots and utilize backtesting tools to customize strategies using technical indicators and trading signals.

Once a strategy is finalized, users can automate it by setting up trading parameters, take profit levels, stop loss limits, and bot schedules. The bots can then be deployed for live trading across connected exchanges through API connections.

TokenTact provides access to account dashboards, real-time reporting, notifications, and analytics to monitor automated trading bot performance and manage risk. User funds and assets remain with the connected exchange as bots execute trades programmatically based on set strategies.

Key Features

Some key features offered by TokenTact include:

  • Drag-and-drop bot builder to automate technical trading strategies
  • Backtesting engine to assess strategy performance across historical data
  • Automated bot trading across connected exchanges via APIs
  • Configurable bot parameters for risk management and scheduling
  • Detailed analytics dashboard to track profits, losses, and portfolio
  • Trading strategy marketplace to discover and purchase premade bots
  • Education platform with guides, documentation, and video tutorials

Fees and Deposits

TokenTact offers a free starter plan that allows basic strategy building and backtesting capabilities. Paid subscriptions start from $14/month for live trading on a single exchange. Tiered pricing plans costing up to $84/month provide access to multiple exchange connections and priority support.

While TokenTact does not charge a commission on trades, standard trading fees from connected exchanges apply. The platform also charges a 2% performance fee on bot profits. There are no deposit requirements to start using TokenTact’s core features.

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Legitimacy and User Sentiment

TokenTact appears to be a legitimate trading platform with a transparent business model. The company provides extensive documentation on its website to educate users about its offerings. While there are limited independent reviews available currently, user sentiment across forums and social media seems largely positive. Customers specifically praise TokenTact’s backtesting capabilities, automated bot performance, and real-time analytics.

In summary, TokenTact has competitive strengths in enabling data-driven bot trading strategies. The platform combines powerful analytics with automation to potentially enhance performance. However, users must be comfortable with programming concepts to fully utilize TokenTact’s capabilities. While the technology shows promise, investors should be cautious when using automated trading and manage risk appropriately. As with any trading platform, it is best to start small, learn thoroughly, and iterate carefully.

Pros and Cons TokenTact Bot



  • Backtesting engine enables robust strategy evaluation using historical data before going live – This allows traders to refine strategies and assess viability, a key advantage compared to implementing untested strategies directly in live markets.
  • Automated trading bots execute predefined strategies 24/7 – Once configured, the bots can continuously run trades according to technical rules and parameters. This frees up time for traders compared to manual execution.
  • Detailed analytics track bot performance – Traders can monitor metrics like profits, losses, open positions, orders, and more through TokenTact’s dashboard. This transparency helps manage automated strategies.
  • Accessible learning resources – TokenTact’s documentation, guides, videos, and community forums provide a wealth of knowledge to help traders learn technical strategy development.


  • Bots come with inherent risks – Despite backtesting, automated trades can experience unexpected losses. Traders should actively manage risk parameters.
  • Limited customer support – With email support only, some users feel solving issues takes longer compared to platforms with chat/phone support.
  • Steep learning curve – TokenTact’s toolset, while powerful, requires understanding of technical indicators and programming concepts. Not ideal for beginners.
  • Monthly subscription fees – While competitive, paid plans are required for multi-exchange bot trading and advanced features. The free tier has limited capabilities.

How TokenTact Works

Account Creation and Connection Setup:

Creating a TokenTact account by providing an email address and password takes just a few minutes. Users must then connect their account to cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase Pro and Binance. API keys from the exchanges have to be configured in TokenTact to enable automated bot trading.

Strategy Building and Backtesting:

TokenTact provides a visual strategy builder to create trading bots using technical indicators like RSI, moving averages, Bollinger Bands etc. Strategies can be backtested against historical market data to optimize performance before live deployment.

Bot Deployment and Management:

Once optimized bot strategies are ready, they can be deployed for automated trading by allocating capital, setting schedules, and configuring risk parameters like stop loss. Bots will then execute trades automatically via API. The dashboard provides tools to monitor active bots and assets across connected exchanges.

Overall, TokenTact covers the entire lifecycle from strategy creation, backtesting, optimization, automation, monitoring, and risk management. The platform aims to transform manual technical trading to algorithmic models through its comprehensive toolset. However, appropriate due diligence by traders is still essential for long-term success.

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Key Features TokenTact Bot

Strategy Building and Automation

– Drag-and-drop bot designer with technical indicators 

– Backtesting engine to optimize strategies with historical data

– Tools to automate strategies into bots for hands-free trading

– Scheduling capabilities for 24/7 bot trading

Analytics and Reporting 

– Dashboard for monitoring active bots, trades, and portfolio in real-time

– Detailed metrics on profits, losses, orders, positions, and more

– Alerts and notifications for bot activity and performance

Integration and Accessibility

– Connectivity to leading crypto exchanges like Coinbase Pro and Binance

– Web platform and mobile app for management from anywhere

– Educational content and community forums for guided learning

TokenTact is planning to expand exchange connections, add new indicators for bot building, and grow its trading strategy marketplace in the near future.

Fees and Deposits

Subscription Plans

– Free Starter: Limited functionality, single exchange connection

– Advanced: $14/month billed annually, 1 exchange, email support

– Pro: $42/month billed annually, 3 exchanges, email support 

– Institutional: $84/month billed annually, 5 exchanges, dedicated support

Trading and Withdrawal Fees

– No deposits or commissions charged by TokenTact bot

– Standard trading fees applied by connected exchanges 

– 2% performance fee charged on bot profitability

– Withdrawal fees, if any, charged by exchanges

Compared to platforms like TradeSanta and 3Commas, TokenTact’s pricing is competitive for retail users focused on single exchange bot trading. Low startup costs and free educational resources provide an accessible entry point. However, support for advanced multi-exchange trading strategies entails significant costs.

Legitimacy and Customer Reviews


TokenTact provides substantial information about its offerings, team, and company details on its official website. This includes founder profiles, investment information, terms of service, and security/privacy policies. This level of transparency lends legitimacy to TokenTact as a credible trading platform.

Independent customer reviews on forums and blogs appear largely positive overall. Traders seem satisfied with TokenTact’s strategy backtesting capabilities, automated trading performance, and real-time analytics. However, some users find the learning curve steep and feel technical support could improve. The lack of mainstream visibility makes it harder to find extensive third-party reviews currently.

Potential users are encouraged to thoroughly research functionality by signing up for TokenTact’s free starter plan. Reading through documentation and guides can provide greater insight as well. Trying out basic strategy building and backtesting before paid subscriptions may be prudent.

Customer Support and Account Security  

TokenTact provides customer assistance primarily through email tickets. Response times vary from 24-48 hours based on user feedback. Phone or live chat support could improve the user experience. The platform does facilitate an online community forum for knowledge sharing between traders.

TokenTact enables two-factor authentication app-based logins for enhanced account security.  Password reset and account deletion options are accessible through account settings. Overall, TokenTact appears to have implemented reasonable security and privacy protocols to safeguard user data and funds.

In summary, while TokenTact seems legitimate, users are advised to independently validate platform capabilities, start with minimal risks, and enable all available security features for a safe trading experience. Monitoring ongoing progress as TokenTact expands its offerings would also be beneficial.


In conclusion, TokenTact offers a compelling platform for traders interested in harnessing the power of data-driven algorithmic trading bots. The ability to backtest and automate custom crypto trading strategies sets TokenTact apart. However, realizing the full benefit requires non-trivial effort to learn technical strategy building. 

TokenTact’s pricing and features make it attractive for retail traders focused on a single exchange. But costs escalate for multi-exchange bot trading at scale. Independent customer reviews lean positive but are limited in number currently. While TokenTact’s transparency and security protocols add legitimacy, users are advised to validate capabilities themselves through demo usage before paying subscription fees.

With crypto markets continuing to mature, TokenTact has room for growth in its automated trading niche. But as with any fintech platform, users should account for inherent technology risks, evolve strategies continuously, and manage risk diligently.

The cryptocurrency market remains dynamic. Traders should stay informed of platform updates, assess emerging competitors, and tailor usage based on individual risk appetite as part of a balanced portfolio.

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FAQ about TokenTact Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

What is TokenTact crypto bot?

TokenTact is a trading platform that allows users to build, backtest, and automate cryptocurrency trading strategies. It enables traders to develop algorithmic trading bots using technical indicators and deploy them across supported crypto exchanges.

How does TokenTact’s automated trading work? 

On TokenTact, users can design bots with a drag-and-drop bot builder and define trading rules using technical indicators. Once set up, the bots can be backtested using historical data and optimized. Bots can then be scheduled to execute automated trades 24/7 via API connections to exchanges like Coinbase Pro and Binance.

What fees does TokenTact charge?

TokenTact offers tiered subscription plans from a free starter to $84/month paid plans. There are no commissions but exchanges charge trading fees. A 2% performance fee on profitable bot trades also applies. Withdrawal fees depend on the connected exchange. 

What cryptos can I trade on TokenTact bot?

TokenTact integrates with 10+ major exchanges so most liquid cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP etc. can be traded through supported exchanges. Coins availability depends on exchange connection.

Is TokenTact secure and legit? 

TokenTact appears to be a legitimate platform with transparent policies and security features like 2FA login. However, users are advised to independently verify its reliability before trading significant capital, as with any trading platform.

What is TokenTact’s backtesting engine?

TokenTact allows backtesting trading strategies against historical market data to assess viability before live trading. This provides an evidence-based approach to refine profitable crypto trading strategies.

Does TokenTact have a mobile app?

Yes, TokenTact offers iOS and Android mobile apps to manage trading accounts and monitor bots from mobile devices conveniently.

What customer support does TokenTact provide?

TokenTact provides customer support primarily via email tickets with response times up to 48 hours. They also offer community forums for knowledge sharing between traders. Phone or live chat support is currently unavailable.

Does TokenTact have a demo account?

TokenTact’s free Starter plan allows accessing the platform’s core features including backtesting and basic trading. However, live trading requires a paid subscription plan based on usage requirements.


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